Thursday, May 3, 2012

Player Profile: Lee "Reddy" Roberts

Fargo's 1897 team began the season with Lee "Reddy" Roberts as manager. Roberts was very involved in Fargo baseball in the 1890s, but in 1897, he left the Fargo team in early June after being dismissed as manager of the team. The Forum blamed the end of his managerial duties on the team's slow start. Roberts agreed to pitch a game for Fargo after his release as manager, but left the team about a week later. He signed on with the Sheldon, ND team, and also appeared with the Mandan, ND club at the end of June, according to a report in the Bismarck Tribune (Jun. 28, 1897 edition).

Lee Roberts was truly a native son of Fargo. Born Sept. 2, 1871, Roberts was the first child born in the city of Fargo, known as Centralia at the time of his birth. Roberts grew up in Fargo, and as a child enjoyed reading and playing baseball. Married in 1894, he made his home in Fargo, working as a building contractor and fathering two sons, Dana and Vernon. (*Information from WPA conducted interviews 1936-1940.)

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