Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Highlights and Lowlights

In digging into Fargo's place in the standings a couple of days ago, I realized I could use the game by game chronicle I put together of the team's season and give you some highlights (and low lights). Exhibition games are included (see previous post for my reasoning in doing that).

Longest Win Streak: 4 games
Longest Losing Streak: 5 games
Most Runs Scored in a Game: 22 (defeated Wahpeton-Breckenridge 22-5 on July 25th, 1897)
Most Runs Surrendered in a Game: 27 (May 31, in a 27-6 exhibition loss to Moorhead)
Fewest Runs Scored in a Game: 0 (Five times - 3 times vs. Grand Forks, 2 times vs. Moorhead)
Fewest Runs Allowed in a Game: 0 (Three times - one vs. GF, one vs. Moorhead, and one vs. W-B)

Win/Loss record against opponents:
vs Moorhead: 7-13 (one game, a loss by Fargo, was protested and not replayed)
vs. Grand Forks: 7-9 (one tie)
vs. Wahpeton-Breckenridge: 9-7 (one tie)
vs. Detroit Lakes: 1-0

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